Portfolio of KMP Clients

We here at KMP specialize in helping any size business grow and expand into the future.
We achieve this by designing and implementing the right tools and features for your website and social media.
This allows you to add whole new departments to your business or brand.

Dream it and we make it come True!

Sample of Our Web-Designs & Industries

Community Centers | Camps | Schools

Do you have a center and need professional site features to match? KMP is here to help! MMCC is a massive site designed by KMP for a multi-facility community center with many outreach programs, large camp, and many interlocking site features. KMP is developing a whole new department for MMCC giving them the ability to have an online learning portal. Let KMP help you expand your center’s growth with the right tools.

Branding for Artists and EPK

KMP helps singers, musicians, and actors develop their professional brand and EPK (electronic press kit). RhettsWorld™ is one example. We build your custom branded website showcasing your music, shows, movies, photos, videos, and press releases. All integrated with your social media platforms designed to match. These branded tools allow your managers and promoters to utilize your website to market to labels and booking agents, while allowing the artist to better interact with their fans.

Clubs and Memberships

KMP can design any kind of club, non-profit, and membership based website. FHAC is one great example. KMP designed for them a club news system, links directory, an integrated Google calendar and robust event system, as well as a members only forum. No matter what your club’s needs may be, KMP has your back!

Science | Technology | STEM

KMP has worked along side various STEM based institutes to design tools allowing them to expand their educational reach. Once such example is the SciTech Institute. Besides re-designing and improving their entire website, KMP implemented a very powerful resource directory adding a whole new department to their institute. No matter what educational tools your organization might need, KMP can help custom design and integrate them to your site.

Organizations | Agencies | Nonprofits

KMP has designed and helped to brand a number of sites tailored for organizations, agencies, and nonprofits. Designing critically important  tools such as: large scale membership bases, large scale event systems, volunteer recruitment, interagency partnerships and collaborations. KMP has worked closely with TEDx Events providing web-design, graphics, and marketing materials. From small to large scale, your message and mission is important to us.

E-commerce | Products| Services

KMP can help you better sell through our professionally designed E-commerce shops, whether you are a B2C or a B2B. No matter what unique services you may offer, KMP can help you increase your sales. Let KMP design your product’s branding and services. From basic eCommerce functionality to sophisticated product options, attributes, filters, and campaigns we’ve got you covered.

Restaurants | Cafes

Large Scale Events | Conferences

Languages | Translations

Education | Schools

KMP developed the entire website for a K-12 private school The Inspiration Academy. The site has many features included a full eCommerce shop for school related merchandise.

Nutrition | Wellness

KMP has a vast range of experience working with clients in the wellness industry, such as yoga studios, fitness trainers, nutritionists, and health coaches. The websites that KMP designs are not only visually appealing and user-friendly; we can bring your wellness courses online to your website for your customers and clients.

Forensic Construction

KMP designed a new website for Alan Shelton, the founder of the Shelton Consulting Group based in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The Shelton Consulting Group specializes in Forensic Constructing Consulting, Construction Expert Witness, Infrared Thermography, and Insurance Appraisal.

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